Q & A BEST Fest

Q & A BEST Fest

The Information below is designed to help you make the best of the weekend or your visit.
Please note: We are not allowed any pets or support animals for this event. Service dogs only. Emotional support dogs do not qualify.
Smoking is in a designated portion of the parking area. No smoking on the festival grounds & forests. This is an alcohol & drug free event.
You may bring food or purchase from our food vendors. All materials brought in must be removed from the premises as we are a leave no trace event. 

 Camp Sacajawea is a Girl Scout camp run by the Girl Scouts of America. It is designed for large events. Vendor/Performer Gate/Drop Off/Friday Ticket Holders/RV & Car Camping: 242 Adelphia Rd, Farmingdale, NJ 07727  (See Google Map Below). General Entrance Gate & Parking will be at 127 Yellow Brook Road, Farmingdale, NJ 07727

Camp Sacajawea is centrally-located in Monmouth County exit 100b GSP and Route 33 West or Rte33 East from West Freehold. Our world-class staff have been planning and hosting events for over 25 years. Our beautiful, 20-acre facility has  hiking trails & room for our 4 stages, camping & covered areas.  

  Each of our events include the EXCLUSIVE use of our facility. Your group will have the safety and security of a private event with no other groups present. In addition to privacy, you get cleanliness, professional staff and camping


VENDOR GATE: Weekend campers/vendors/performers drop off at the beginning of the event only at 242 Adelphia Road, Farmingdale, NJ.  This lot is reserved for RV/Car camping, accessible parking, and Friday night ticket holders only.

GENERAL PARKING:  All other parking is at 127 Yellow Brook Road.  This includes day/weekend ticket holders and vendors: 

Program Activity Center

127 Yellow Brook Road, Farmingdale, NJ

Parking is limited for day tickets!  Monday parking fee of $5 per car. Monday entry is free.

All parking for Monday will be at the Yellow Brook Road Lot.

PLEASE help us help you help everyone make room for as many festivalers as we can! 

Carpooling! Encourage a friend to share a ride. The universe will smile on you for sharing some wheels with friends. If you might not have gone with another attendee, give it a whirl! karma: 100 points!

PAY IT FORWARD: Offer a ride to another festival goer. Make a new friend, offer a ride. karma: 100 points! Camp Activities Center


 There are four camping options: 1) Bring your own tent; 2) Rent a Platform Tent or Cabin from us; 3) Car camping where you sleep in your vehicle (cars, SUV or Vans please).in the parking lot. 4) RV or pop up campers-in the parking lot. Each option requires a different ticket.

Platform tents are hard wood: bring bedding.

There are real bathrooms with plumbing at the central hub (all-gender), and an outdoor shower. (Bathing suit required-children present).  Bring a bathing suit if you want to use the shower.

On site bathrooms near tent areas are semi-outhouse: toilet, compost no-flush, outside sinks- single person usage.

  • A flashlight! Some parts of the festival grounds are dark! Stages, vendor areas will be lit, but there are acres of hiking, etc.
  • Everyone you know!
  • Cash! Though most vendors accept cards, we love to keep the carny spirit alive with old school paper. Plus, you might want to tip performers or readers or donations.
  • Comfy shoes – it’s very spread out.
  • Your weird and/or relaxed and/or light up garb! Dancing garb, etc. Flow toys, etc. FIRE toys or FIRE dancing is not permitted.
  • Chair/blanket to rest your bones and listen to music-  LOTS of Music!!!
  • Cart or Bicycle
  • Fanny Pack
  • A drum to drum on at the drum circle  or other percussions, guitars, etc. for music jam.
  • Shopping bag,
  • Reusable cup, (water is available from a spigot at the camp sites) & other waste reduction items
  • Light jacket
  • Bug spray

There are group fires in each section. 

If you are bringing food please bring your own cooler. There also isn’t electricity at your tent site, except for vendors & certain tents/cabins.

  1. Tent ­– This is kind of the most important item on this list. You want something that is going to be large enough to comfortably fit at least 2 people with a bag each, but when broken down will fit into a checked bag. You also want something that is going to be really easy to set up and just as easy to take down. I recommend a pop-up tent  2-person tent with built-in LED lights for easy festival camping. It sets up in seconds and only takes a couple of minutes to put away. When broken down it fits into any suitcase and only weights a few pounds! (Tip: Buy a can of waterproofing/UV protectant spray to help give you extra protection against the elements.)
2. Air mattress/Sleeping pad – You need something more comfortable than the ground to sleep on. You also want something that is going to help raise you off of the ground in case water somehow gets inside your tent. Air mattresses are great for both of these. When I am camping solo, I use my self-inflating air mattress for backpacking. It’s super comfortable and I don’t need to pack an air pump at all, saving me both space and weight. REI has a large selection of air mattresses and pads at affordable prices. Platform tents are hard wood and air mattress is great for them.
Sleeping bag – You want to make sure you’re going to be warm on those cold nights. Look for a 4 season sleeping bag that is waterproof. There’s nothing worse than waking up inside a wet sleeping bag because your tent-mate spilled a bottle of water. Platform Tents are hard wood and an air mattress or cushioning is needed.
3. CHAIRS – You will need chairs to take to the concerts/music/performances/workshops. But you also need lounge chairs at your tent site.
4. Headlamp – Not only is a headlamp handy to help you navigate the dark paths hands-free after you get out of the festival, but you can also use it as a lantern. If you take a gallon of water and put a headlamp around it with the light facing the water, it will illuminate your entire tent.
5. Towel – Using a quick-drying microfiber towel, will help you save both space and weight over a traditional cotton towel.
6. Food – I always recommend taking fresh fruits and non-perishable foods like protein bars, WE HAVE VEGAN & VEGETARIAN FOOD VENDORS, as well as other options on the premises: bring Cash for these.
 7. Clothes: NJ can be cool at night during May. Pack a light sweat shirt in addition to Festival clothes. Don’t forget a bathing suit for our “outdoor” shower.

Always try to pack items that are multi-functional. When you can use something for more than one purpose, it helps you reduce the overall weight of your bag. Also, try to avoid packing unnecessary or duplicate items. Ask yourself, “Am I REALLY going to need this?”

7. Medicine:  Don’t forget your prescription medicines and other personal items.

8. WATER:  We have  water taps with with fresh well water available at each of the camps and workshop areas. Please bring a refillable bottle or jug.

9. Fanny Pack

 There are thousands of options to choose from, from the flatter, more discreet options, to bulkier, but roomier options

10. Cleansing Wipes

  We have an outdoor shower by the closed pool area: so bring a bathing suit-if you want to use the shower. Otherwise you may choose to use cleansing wipes Please bring only compostable wipes.

11. Comfy/Extra Pair Of Shoes (Especially If You’re Wearing Platforms)

While we all know beauty is pain, if you’re going to a festival, you definitely do not want to be in pain. Yes, platform shoes are all the rage this year, but they are terrible for your feet. One 12 hour day in those, and you are going to be an unhappy camper. You may want to opt for some chic light up, or glittery, sneakers. If you decide to wear platforms, at least maybe bring a change of shoes. There are plenty of light sneakers you can throw in your hydration pack. You can’t dance the night away if your feet are burnin’!

12. Hand Fans

No matter if the festival you are going to is inside or outside, its bound to get hot while you are dancing to drums and music. A hand fan will come in extremely handy to create some airflow in a hot dance area. They’re small enough to fit in a backpack or a fanny pack, and they’re fun to use! In our experience, people love being fanned when they’ve been dancing up a sweat. So, you may even make some friends.

13. Portable Charges and Cables & Flashlights

These are key! You and your squad should be having your phones on and with you at a festival.  Having a charged phone is a plus. Whether it is just to document the beautiful experience you are having, or you need to let someone know where you are; it’s comforting knowing your phone is on and charged. Lots of lights & flashlights. The main area is lit and last year our phones worked fine. However, many of the outer areas like the campground isn’t lit and does not have outlets. 

14. Earplugs & Eye Covers

 Investigate getting some earplugs. Earplugs are a great way to not wake up the next day with that classic ringing in your ears. Plus, they help prevent damage further down the line when you’re old!  Eye cover unless you WANT to wake up at the crack of dawn.

15. Some people bring a cart or bicycle.

We have full food service from breakfast to dessert. Options include Vegan/ Vegetarian Food vendors and other healthy vendors. 

Campers may bring a Coleman-type camp stove on a picnic table or fire retardant surface. No LP gas, no other gas grills permitted.

There are fires for cooking (barbecue pits only)  NO open fires for cooking on the grounds. We ask that you remain meatless in your cooking – for the courtesy of others.  There are small group fire rings at each camp (no other open bonfires permitted). We are carry-in, carry out, so please make plans.

Rain or shine, baby!  Bring a water proof poncho or jacket. Waterproof shoes, etc. We are protected, however, by trees and pavilions in certain areas.

You might have your picture taken and we might post it on our socials. If that’s a problem, tell someone. We are a non-profit that makes videos and brings the outside into nursing homes, YouTube, etc.  It’s almost impossible NOT to be filmed at some point during the weekend event. We will have professional photographers and videographers present at all times and all events. By buying a ticket you agree to that. If you don’t want individual photos posted on social media, please tell us. This includes children.

We love you to share your photos and videos with us.

Like most other ticketed events, ticket sales are final. No refunds will be issued barring event cancellation.

We will refund for COVID-19 shut down. 

WHAT:   New Jersey festival includes live music, drumming, performances, yoga & workshops. May 24-27 at Camp Sacajawea, Farmingdale, NJ* Share this link with your friends to buy tickets. The General Gate is located at

127 Yellow Brook Road, Farmingdale, NJ

Touch Mother Earth non-profit announces ‘BEST Fest’ 

WHEN:   On May 24-27 we will be offering small group workshops, live music, yoga, community share , hiking on marked trails, camping, healthy food, drum & dance circles, & kid-friendly activities, vendors and more. This is a chance to safely mingle in a new community! Come for a day or stay the weekend.

Q & A BEST Fest: May 24-27, 2024 in Farmingdale, NJ:

Calling All Adventure Seekers! Escape to the Magical BEST Fest!
Tired of the daily grind? Craving a 4-day weekend of transformative joy amidst nature’s beauty?
Dive headfirst into the Touch Mother Earth BEST Fest, where unforgettable experiences bloom around every bend.
Beginning Friday at 3 pm thru Monday at 4 pm, we will be offering a weekend community share in a large open space with workshops, hiking on marked trails, camping, healthy food, classes, circles, kid-friendly activities, cool vendors, opening and closing ceremonies, and more.

Touch Mother Earth non-profit returns with a BEST Fest May 24-27, 2024. Come and immerse yourself in one of the various villages at Camp Sacajawea in Farmingdale, NJ. (Monmouth County Not Sussex County)

Imagine a camping experience (or visit for a day) where your facilitators, teachers, leaders, vendors, and others are all together in the communal forest. You get to camp, hang out with like minded people, learn together, share meals and talk together in one place!
It’s not just a fun experience, not just a learning experience it’s a bonding experience…
The villages are:
🥁 Drum n Dance & Music  💃
🧘‍♂️ Mind Body Spirit Zone ☯️
🌿 Mother Earth & Family 🌱
🌕 Sacred Moon Fire Clan 🔥
Each village will have ongoing activities over the weekend and everyone can float to any of the other villages and attend the many different workshops or shop the quality vendors.
Check out the drum, song, and story circles held around the campfire 🔥 and bring your instrument to join on stage at the open mic 🎤 jam sessions. Dance and hoop to the live music under the stars, do yoga, meditate on sound healing, get a massage or reading, play your flute, shop, or hike the trails! Enjoy the lake, a healthy meal, and make new friends.

Schedule:   All workshops are included in the ticket price.    All other activities are included in the general admission.


Fire Dancing and fire toys of any kind is not permitted.

Flammable items like lighter fluid is not permitted.

Fires are only permitted in designated fire pits. There are pits in every camp. Cooking is only permitted on the grills.

Feel free to wear a mask if that’s what makes you comfortable. We are a compassionate crowd! Masks are no longer required to attend outdoors events per state mandate. This is subject to change.

Additionally, exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk in any public location where people are present; we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your visit. The CDC advises that older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID19. Attendees should evaluate their own risk in determining whether to attend. Don’t come if you’re sick, showing symptoms, or generally cantankerous. People who show no symptoms can spread COVID19 if they are infected, any interaction with the general public poses an elevated risk of being exposed to COVID19. By coming to Touch Mother Earth, you acknowledge and agree that you assume these inherent risks associated with attendance.

We will be following the NJ Health Information suggestions at the time of the festival. The total event is outdoors.  👩‍⚕️ In compliance with State and municipal Covid-19 regulations, we will be following all protocols for outdoor events. 😷 Masking is optional.

BEST Fest 2024

Calling All Adventure Seekers! Escape to the Magical BEST Fest!



Q & A BEST Fest

Produced by Touch Mother Earth

Q & A BEST Fest


WHAT:   New Jersey festival includes live music, drumming, performances, yoga & workshops. May 24-27, 2024 at Camp Sacajawea in Farmingdale, NJ- Monmouth County* (Not Sussex)

Q & A BEST FestTickets:


We have multi-culture drum, dance, music and workshops including Native American and African.

 All workshops are included with your ticket.  All other activities are included in the general admission.


ABOUT US: Touch Mother Earth is a 501c3 Non-Profit that streams real content to disabled, aged &  institutions. Founded by Dave Miller & Cheryl Miller Glover, they share a passion to Bring The Outside In to challenged individuals. Find Out More & Donate Here

Saturday & Sunday & Monday Parking/ Weekend-Camper Parking/ Vendor Parking

Friday Night Drum Entry/ RV Camping/Vendor/Camper Drop Off*

* *VENDOR GATE: Accessible Parking, Car/RV Camper Parking/ Camping /Vendor/Performer Drop Off, Friday Only Parking

Volunteers Welcomed

Work exchange entry and camping for the festival.

Full festival schedule


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