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May 26-28th, 2023

Touch Mother Earth Festival

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Immerse yourself in one of the various tribal villages at Camp Sacajawea in Farmingdale, NJ

2023 Festival May 26-28,  2023
#TouchMotherEarth returns with a Gathering of the Tribes. Come camp and immerse yourself in one of the various tribal villages at Camp Sacajawea in Farmingdale, NJ. (Monmouth County)
 Imagine a camping experience where you get to camp, hang out with a tribe, learn together, share meals and talk together in one place? Your facilitators, teachers, leaders, vendors, and other tribe members are all together in the communal forest.
Drum & Dance TRIBE
Drum & Dance Tribe
It’s not just a fun experience, not just a learning experience it’s a bonding experience. Float from tribe to tribe: 
The Tribal villages are:
🥁 Drum n Dance Tribe 💃
🎸 Song Writers/Music Jam 🎵
🧘‍♂️ Mind Body Spirit Zone 💆
🌿 Mother Earth  Tribe 🌱
🌕 Sacred Moon Fire Clan 🔥
Each village will have ongoing activities over the weekend and everyone can float to any of the other villages and attend the many different workshops.
Check out the drum and song circles held around the 🔥 and on stage, dance to the live music, do yoga, meditate on a sound healing, get a massage or hike the trails! See the Festival Info.
⛺ Choose from the onsite tents already set up on platforms (each sleeps 2 – 6) or pitch your own tent in one of the villages complete with a fire circle and vendors!
Not a camper? No problem. Folks close by can come for the day or all weekend and go home at night. But the real immersion and magic happen by staying over for the full experience.
🍲 Food vendors 🥦 will be onsite or you can cook over the fire.
Hand-picked vendors will be set up in the villages and along the paths, so you can buy a drum, pick up some handmade soap, jewelry, tinctures, get a massage or reading, and more!

Catch Us at Lunar Faire as Dave & Cheryl & EarthMovers Drum Collective perform at all the Full & New Moons. We’ll see you next season.

Listen for the drums and join the drum circle.

There are limited chairs & drums, so bring your own if you can. Drum circle, beginners drum basics, performances & jam session.

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