Touch Mother Earth

Touch Mother Earth

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Catch Us at Lunar Faire as Dave & Cheryl & EarthMovers Drum Collective perform at all the Full & New Moons. We’ll see you next season.

Listen for the drums and join the drum circle.

There are limited chairs & drums, so bring your own if you can. Drum circle, beginners drum basics, performances & jam session.

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Positive Vibe Tribe Festival

Don't miss the August 25-27th, 2023 Festival

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Touch Mother Earth

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Racerback Logo Tank
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Cropped Logo T-Shirt


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Gathering of the Tribes Festival

In April 2020. we held Earth Day Festival, a virtual online event! We had over 160 presenters highlighted below.

The Archives are posted at below and at:

We are a registered 501c3 please donate.

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