Festival Sponsoring & Advertising

Festival Sponsoring & Advertising

Sponsors Help All of Us

Our Sponsors

Did you know Ticket Prices are kept low because of our super sponsors? Their support goes to direct sponsorship of our musicians, dancers, earth programs, etc.  This year we're looking to add to these incredible sponsors who have already supported us.

Hub City Drum & Dance

Festival sponsoring & advertising plays a pivotal role in fostering vibrant cultural celebrations and community engagement. As businesses align themselves with festivals, they not only contribute to the success of these events but also create a unique avenue for brand visibility and recognition. Sponsors often provide financial support, in-kind contributions, or logistical assistance, enabling festivals to offer diverse and enriching experiences to attendees. In return, sponsors gain a platform to connect with a targeted audience, enhance brand image, and build meaningful relationships with potential customers. The symbiotic relationship between sponsors and festivals goes beyond mere financial transactions; it creates a sense of shared celebration and community support. By investing in festivals, sponsors contribute to the cultural tapestry of a region while simultaneously elevating their own brand presence in a dynamic and engaging environment.


For more info on our 501c3, visit our nonprofit website.

Promote your business and find new customers.  Consider sponsoring a program on our  festival. We have very simple sponsor and advertising packages: SPONSORS: Specifically sponsor an event/group/presentation. Advertisers are more general.

Sponsor Type$Benefit
Platinum Sponsor$500+Highlight as a Sponsor on all available media with special call out: website, Facebook, videos, announcements, all social media. Festival space or Table and Banner (you supply). Direct email mentions, Post festival Thank You Mail, Program highlight, etc. Includes the August 12-14th Festival as a Festival Sponsor. Website presence and social media remains for a year.
Gold Sponsor$200+Spot media blitzes on the festival with special mention. Will include website, Facebook and certain event slots, festival space or table (you supply), program blitz spot. Choose a Headliner Performer or Tribe.
Silver Sponsor$100+Choose a spot performer or tribe that support your business: Drum & Dance, Earth Tribe, Song, or Mind/Body/Spirit. Includes a banner ( you supply) at the festival, direct mail mention, media mention, program mention.
Mom & Pop Small Biz Sponsor$50+Choose one tribe that supports your business: Drum & Dance, Earth Tribe, Song, or Mind/Body/Spirit. Your electronic ad will be focused towards getting new customers. Online mentions & festival program.
Contributor$5+Thank you for supporting us!  Even small amounts help.  We love you!

We are a 501c3.  You can read more at https://www.TouchMotherEarth.org

Sponsor Level


 We appreciate all our sponsors

Advertise: Online & On all Programs


Advertiser C

$ 50
  • Social Media Mention
  • Website Thank You
  • Listed as Supporter on programs & social media.

Advertiser B

$ 100
  • Program Mention
  • Spot advertising ads geared to your business.
  • All Supporter A benefits

Advertiser A

$ 150 /
  • All Supporter Benefits in A & B
  • Direct Email Advertisement
  • Follow up Thank You to participants Mention
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Tickets are currently on pre-sale for the August 25-27 Positive Vibe Tribe Festival.



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