Our Purpose

Peace in the World depends on peace in the hearts of individuals. — The Dalai Lama

Touch Mother Earth provides earth-based community, mind, body, spirit, and arts training, workshops, classes, retreats, and festivals.
We believe in the sanctity of the planet, her peoples and all living things. As such, we strive to provide a peaceful, holistic, loving environment to open up and enlighten minds, body, hearts,
and spirits.

Everyone has the power to make a difference, to themselves and others, and to our world.” 
― Yasmin Davar, Our Peaceful Planet: Healing Ourselves and Our World for a Sustainable Future

Bringing the Outside “In” with innovative events brought to the challenged community

We are a registered 501c3 please donate.

TME Mission

Bringing The Outside “In”

Our Vision:

We digitally support community well-being, education, humanities, and enhanced social interaction by providing innovative events, classes, and workshops, on multi-media platforms to the physically, psychologically, mentally, emotionally, and age challenged community.

Touch Mother Earth integrates the virtual community with physical events to accomplish cultural synergy. We produce innovative content that informs, teaches, enhances wellness, enriches cultural experience through the humanities, promotes thought leadership, expands physical and emotional awareness, encourages spiritual and psychological expression, and provides practical education of earth-oriented topics and subjects.

We bring virtual programs home to those that cannot go out. We bring the Outside “In”.

Who Benefits?: Our Subscribers:

Anyone who cannot physically get out either temporarily because of the environment or permanently. This includes nursing homes & other institutional subscribers & individuals.

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