Vendors & Volunteers Wanted

Vendors & Volunteers Wanted: Information & Application

Volunteers: Your Help Earns Your Ticket

Vendors Wanted: Food, Products, Services, & Non-Profits.

May 26-28, 2023

3 PM Friday- 5PM Sunday

Sunday is Free Entry to the public.

Food Vendors

A few food vendors will be chosen: Families & Adults camping for the weekend festival.

Estimated 500 people plus children.

Electric hookups.

Retail Vendors, Services, & Non-Profits

Estimated 500 people plus children for a fun weekend in a camping environment.

Food Vendors: Seeking main food vendors plus snacks, baked goods, smoothies, etc. will be chosen to accommodate up to 500 adults and children. We prefer a vegan/vegetarian menu. Our followers are usually holistic, healthy-oriented, lifestyle enthusiasts. Note:  We will need your proposed menu as well. Potential food service hours are Friday Dinner May 26 , Saturday 9 am breakfast – 11 pm late snack. Sunday 9 am breakfast – 5 pm closing. Sunday is free entry for the public.

Fees $ Plus %. of sales Please Direct Message us to discuss.


Vendors of all types are invited to apply. We are looking for unique products and services.  

— 10 x 10 site: Bring your own table, tent, table covers, chairs, night lights, etc.

— onsite electric provided for a fee. + $20

–Eco-friendly products are a plus.

Event is rain or shine

–Application & fee schedule attached

–Discount camping $20 weekend

–Large tent available for vending/sleeping–Inquire

— Pavilion on platform in some camps- Inquire

If you provide a service: Reiki, Massage, Healing, Psychic Readers, etc. we welcome you to apply.

Access 1 person 

8 x 8 area, bring your own tables and supplies.

Electric hookup +$20 weekend

As a Non-Profit, we invite other non-profits to bring a table to speak to the public about your services. No items can be sold, info only.

You must be a 501c3 and the cost is $20.00 per day or $30.00 for the weekend. Bring your own table.

Want to also sell items? Cost is $30 per day or $40 per weekend.


Sharee Harrison

Vendor Coordinator/

Sharee is owner of

Treasure’s Island Promotions


Dave Miller

Producer- Event Management

As the Co-Founder and Co-Producer of Touch Mother Earth, Dave is excited for this year’s festival. 


Jamie Adkins

Vendor Developer

Vendor Coordinator/ Event Manager