Camping Type Selection

Camping Type Selection
Camp Sacajawea Camping Choices

Camping Type Selection 

Choose from day tickets, your own tent, car camping (in parking lot),  rent one of our platform tents or a hut or cabin (limited number) . Camp Sacajawea in Farmingdale, NJ is a Girl Scout day camp with beautiful trails and surroundings.

If you’re renting a platform tent, hut or cabin, then adult tickets are included for 2 (add weekend tickets to add another person) .

camping choices

One Yurt is left and is located next to the food court and stage. It is not quiet. It includes 4 adult tickets, and would be great for a family or group. It has electricity, refrigerator and a chair. Bring bedding/mattress.

Your own tent or car camping (in parking lot) entry price includes one adult entry. You will not be assigned a spot with “Bring your own Tent.” Any non-vendor area is open for your selection.   Make reservations here.

Choosing a Platform Tent?  Use these two maps to choose an area & choose a Tent Number (where available).

Festival MapCamping Type Selection

There’s lots of choices: choose what’s best for you, your family or friends.  For all choices bring bedding, sleeping bags, cots, etc. Hard floors, no electric.

Important camp details:

🌲 Our event is held at a forest camp. You may encounter poison ivy, ticks, snakes, protruding stones or ground holes, mud, rugged terrain, fallen branches, wet leaves, etc. While much of the area is shaded, you might want to wear skin protection. It gets dark and cool at night, carry a flashlight and bring a sweater!

Toilets are found throughout the camp.

This is a leave-no-trace camp. There is garbage/recycling onsite. All waste material is to be removed including gear, broken chairs, food, etc.

No smoking in the main camp. We are located inside a forest. Smoking is out at the sandy lower camper parking lot past the drum camp (across from the dance pavilion) or in the Public Parking field away from the trees.

No animals except service dogs are permitted, with no exceptions. Emotional support dogs do not qualify.

No alcohol or illegal drugs, no firearms, fireworks, sparklers, or fire flow toys. Attendees not following camp regulations may be asked to leave.

Bring a water jug and camp mug – shared well water taps are at each camp.


Come and camp for the BEST weekend ever. We sell tickets for tent camping and have a few spaces for pop-up campers or RVs (no hook-ups). Tents can go in any of the camps EXCEPT for the Sacred Moon Market which is for vendors and lodging.

We also offer camping in your car. You will be in the camper parking lot by the dance pavilion and Drum and Dance camp.

If you are a smoker, we recommend the Drum and Dance camp since it is near the parking lot. The Public Parking lot is also okay. Please dispose of your butts properly.

Pop-up Campers and RVs share the lower parking lot with car camping. There are no hook-ups.


You may select from any of the 30 Platform Tents (PT) in the 2 Earth Camps (we have a family side), the Mind-Body-Spirit Camp (quiet), and the Sacred Moon Camp (these camps have workshops), or in the Reflections Camp (quietest, no kids).

Canvas tents are 10’ x 10’ set off the ground on a wood platform. 2 Velcro door flaps allow ventilation and a tarp is stretched above for additional weather protection!

2 people are included but these each can sleep up to 6 people (4 adults and 2 kids) for an additional fee.

We also feature a cool 25’ Yurt that can fit up to 10 people! Host a birthday gathering or other memorable occasion.

NOTE: You will need to provide your own bed, mat, sleeping bag, bedding, etc. cars can only park in the parking lots.

Platform Tents- Best choice- Sleeps 2-4

Huts--(Room for 4)- Very Rustic - Solid sides- Only a few left.

Cabin-Sleeps 4- Rustic (1 Left)

Yurts- Sleeps Up to 8 (1 Left)

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Private House Sleeps 6-8 SOLD OUT

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