Services & Workshops

The Sanctuary in Middletown is available for like-minded practitioners: earth-based, music-based, healing, spiritual, etc. We offer revenue share of the door and the following services are included at no extra charge:

  • Social media marketing on our pages & groups
  • Your event is included on our website, and Facebook.
  • Pot luck share following your workshop
  • When available a Radio interview by Dave Miller
  • Our direct mailing list is informed of your event
  • We direct a campaign to promote your event, collect advance ticketing & enrolment.

EarthMovers Drum Collective, facilitated by Dave Miller offers drum classes & workshops for adults & children. Over 35 years of facilitating special education, seniors, beginners & advanced students. Drum & Belly Dance workshops are available for parties, senior centers, schools, and corporations.

Touch The Soul, facilitated by Cheryl Glover, Author of “Creating From The Soul,” Reiki Master, Channel & Psychic. Workshops include: Kabbalah, Ascended Masters Speak, Angel Communication, Psychic Self Defense, QiGong healing, Intense Chakra Sound Cleansing, Reiki Certification, Healing and more.

Channeled readings by Cheryl Glover: Cheryl channels your spirit guides, past lives, angels, etc. This is not a tarot card reading, but a deep intense exploration into your soul journey.

Touch Mother Earth CBD. We offer a monthly club that reduces retail prices by 30%. Go to CBD for more info and to sign up.

For Kabbalistic Jewelry, Native American artifacts and Kachina’s visit Cheryl’s site:

EarthMovers Drum Collective (facebook)

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