Performers & Presenters

Performers & Presenters

Performers & Presenters 

Please respond quickly as we are filling up quickly.

Our key performers already booked:

Ubaka Hill

The mystical kirtan of Mirabai Moon

             DrumLady             Spook Hand

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Touch Mother Earth non-profit returns with BEST Fest. MAy 24th – 27th 2024. (Renamed from Gathering of the xxx Festival).

Are you ready to experience the BEST Fest in New Jersey? Get set for four days of non-stop excitement, entertainment, and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting from out of town, this event promises to be the highlight of your year. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect at the BEST Fest:

Friday: May 24, 2024 – Grand Opening Extravaganza

The BEST Fest kicks off with a bang at Camp Sacajawea in Farmingdale, NJ – Monmouth County. Join us for the Grand Opening, featuring live music, workshops, food trucks, and an awe-inspiring drum circle around the fire.

Bring a camp chair or drum stool and enjoy a relaxing, fun evening with your family and friends as we set the tone for an incredible festival weekend at Camp Sacajawea.

‘BEST’ Fest

May 24th – 27th 2024.

(Renamed from Gathering of the  and Positive Vibe Festivals).

BEST: Belonging, Emerging, Synergizing, Transforming

Produced by: Touch Mother Earth non-profit 

How would it feel if you joined the community at Touch Mother Earth BEST Fest held amidst the serene surroundings of Monmouth County’s Girl Scout Camp Sacajawea forest in Farmingdale, central NJ?

Envision a magical Weekend awaiting you, away from the sounds of traffic, brimming with an array of captivating activities: workshops, live music, drum n dance classes and circles, yoga, Kirtan, massage, sound, and energy healing, ceremonial gatherings, hand-picked vendors, camping, hiking, healthy food, and new heart-warming friends!

Can you imagine the enchanting experience of escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life as you immerse yourself in the heart of the forest for a day or four? Picture a realm where you can indulge in sound healing, embrace the tranquility of forest bathing, dance to live music and the rhythm of drums, practice yoga, participate in enlightening workshops, explore enticing vendor offerings, engage in activities for kids, and even opt for a camping adventure to fully unwind.

Best of all, the BEST Fest brings together varied interests with villages like Music, Drum and Dance, Mind-Body-Spirit, Sacred Moon, and Earth Camp all at Camp Sacajawea, nestled in the trees of Monmouth County, NJ (NOT SPARTA, NOT NEWFIELD)

Saturday: May 25, 2024 – BEST Fest brings you Music Madness: the main stage will have continuous performances while yoga, healing workshops, dance classes, drum classes, and nature walks all take place within the forest setting. Roam the villages including the select vendors or sit at the food court and enjoy the music while conversing with new friends.

Saturday night the whole community comes together with special performances featuring drum and song artist Ubaka Hill and The Mystical Kirtan of Mirabai Moon.

Then join us around the fire for a heightened drum circle. Stay tuned for the daytime music lineup and get ready to dance to your favorite bands!

Now is the time to reunite in the community with all that we have learned and set into practice with unique workshops, new presenters, and performers mixed in with some favorites! We will blend live music and jam time on stage, offer even more yoga, have time in the woods, and offer dynamic workshops, plus a ceremony.

Already lined-up:

 Gaia Raga, Tony and the Trees, Swardas and Friends, Drumspiration featuring Drumlady Kristen Arant and Friends, Spook Handy, Scott Pehnke, and more TBA.

African dance instructor Audrey Davis-Dunning with Victor Marshall will return with a new class! We will offer belly dance classes, JourneyDance™, drum circles, hikes in the woods, yoga with Bharati Carla activities for kids, food vendors, and plenty of shopping!

Plan to come for a day or camp and play the weekend! See

Festival Hours for the Public
3pm - 11 pm on Friday
10 am-11 pm Saturday
10 am - 11 pm Sunday
9 am- 4 pm Monday

Create new memories with a weekend of workshops, live bands, hand-picked vendors, African drum n dance classes and performances, Belly dance classes, talking circles, yoga, Kirtan, massage, sound and energy healing, ceremonial gatherings, camping, hiking, healthy food, and new open-minded friends!
Join us for BEST Fest.
🎫 Tickets, details, vendor forms, and more are up on our website:

Sorry, no dogs or other pets. This is a drug and alcohol-free event. Smoking at the designated area by the parking. Outdoor showers (bathing suite please), water provided (bring non-disposable containers), fire pit in each camp area, wood supplied. Food trucks will be available.

Go to our Q&A Page.
Organized by Touch Mother Earth non-profit, and Garden of Healing and Wellness. See more about each at
Touch Mother Earth Non-Profit
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Volunteers Welcome

Help us in the pre-event or during the event as a volunteer in exchange for entry.

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