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Our Sponsors

Did you know Ticket Prices are kept low because of our super sponsors? Their support goes to direct sponsorship of our musicians, dancers, earth programs, etc. 

Hub City Drum & DanceAntinanco
Karen Miles

Hub City Drum & Dance

Sponsored by Hub City Drum n Dance: LIVE Drum and Dance Circle- Zawadi African Dance and Drum led by Karen Miles w/ special guest Yahya Kamate. Zawadi means gift- come share the gift of rhythm & express how it moves you! Visit Zawadi: www.zawadiafricandance.org

Ana Nephilim

Hub City Drum & Dance

Sponsored by Hub City Drum n Dance: LIVE Belly Dance- Anadonis shares from her repertoire of Middle Eastern, Turkish, African & American fusion dance styles! https://linktr.ee/rhythmicenterprises

The Noun Immersive Art

Hub City Drum & Dance

Sponsored by Garden of Healing Yoga The Noun- Immersive Art by Orlando Miller Mindful life-sized structures that offer a peaceful moment, a transformative space. 1) Stop & Focus 2) Breath Deeply 3) Quiet the Clamor & Elevate the Mind www.liveinthenoun.com

Touch Mother Earth Festival

Garden of Healing Yoga

Sponsored by Hub City Drum n Dance: Zumba with Rosalba Mendoza Zumba Fitness is a high-impact, high-energy dance exercise for all! Sponsored by Garden of Healing Yoga

Hub city drum n dance
House of Well Being

Support Our Sponsors!

Enjoy an overnight stay w/ hospitality & help raise $ for TME! House of Well-Being is donating 90% of profits! Lodging provided by House of Well-Being www.houseofwell-being.biz Ile Alafia House of Well-Being https://houseofwell-being.biz

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September 17-19, 2021. Here's our full schedule. Time is running out & we can't guarantee your space unless you have your tickets.


For more info on our 501c3, visit our nonprofit website.

We are all home, however, soon, in a month business will be booming. Finding new customers is the goal. Consider sponsoring a program on our virtual festival. We have very simple sponsor and advertising packages:

Sponsor Type $ Benefit
Platinum Sponsor $500+ Highlight as a Sponsor on all available media: website, Facebook, videos, announcements, etc. Includes this festival and the one in September’s.
Gold Sponsor $200+ Spot media blitzes on this festival with second tier support. Will include website, Facebook and certain event slots.
Silver Sponsor $100+ Choose two topics that support your business: Healing, Spiritual, Music, etc.
Mom & Pop Small Biz Sponsor $50+ Choose one topic: Healing, Spiritual, Music, etc. that supports your business. Your ad will be focused towards getting new customers.
Contributor $5+ Thank you for supporting us!  Even small amounts help.  We love you!
We are a 501c3.  You can read more at https://www.TouchMotherEarth.org

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 We appreciate all our sponsors

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