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Festival schedule for Gathering of the Tribes Festival

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Vendors Open at 3PM Friday to 5PM Sunday

Full Festival Schedule

Friday Festival Schedule

Full Festival Schedule

Saturday Festival Schedule

Full Festival Schedule

Sunday Festival Schedule

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May 26th-28th, 2023 

Gathering of the Tribes Festival

Produced by Touch Mother Earth
#TouchMotherEarth returns with a Gathering of the Tribes. Come camp and immerse yourself in one of the various tribal villages
at Camp Sacajawea in Farmingdale, NJ, Monmouth County .

Immerse yourself in the forest and make new connections with the diverse, mindful culture of people, workshops, classes, and performances plus shopping found at the Gathering of the Tribes Festival by Touch Mother Earth happening May 26th – 28th at Monmouth County Girl Scout Camp Sacajawea in Farmingdale (central NJ). Note, this is not up north- NOT Sparta ( NOT Sussex County).

PARKING is at the Program Activity Center 127 Yellow Brook Road, Farmingdale, NJ

The festival is not just a fun experience, not just a learning experience, it’s a bonding experience where your facilitators, teachers, leaders, vendors, and others are all together in the communal forest. You get to come for a day or camp, hang out with a tribe, learn together, share meals, and talk together in one place and all workshops are included!

Float from tribe to tribe.

🎸 Music Jam Stage 🎵

🌙 Sacred Moon Market 🛒

🥁 Drum N Dance Tribe 💃

🧘♂️ Mind Body Spirit Zone 💆

🌿 Mother Earth Tribe 🌱

👧 Touch Mother Earth Kids 🎸

🌕 Sacred Moon Fire Camp 🥮

🍲 Food vendors 🥦 will be onsite or you can bring your own. We will have vegetarian/vegan food, drink, and snacks available! We have flush toilets, compost toilets, outdoor swimsuit showers, picnic tables, and pavilions onsite.  Weekend campers may use the onsite grills. We are a pack-in, pack-out camp so plan to take the general trash and recycling away.



Find unique gifts and treasures at the Sacred Moon Market, Drum and Dance Camp, and Mind Body Spirit Zone with custom silver, gold, wrapped jewelry, beads, homemade wellness products, room sprays, soaps, salves, tinctures, oils, crocheted items, tote bags, customized African jean jackets, scarves, and clothing, tie-dye items, and inspired fashions of Asia.

You will also find hand-blown glass, pottery, ceramics, crystals, gemstones, minerals, fossils, botanicals, teas, art, prints, African tapestries, wood carvings, flutes, drums, books, incense, smudge, candles, angel, tarot, and oracle cards, Runes, medallions, charms and pendants, readers, chair and Thai massage, Shiatsu, muscle testing, sound and energy healers, BioMat sessions, and more! 

Support your local artists and bring some cash 💰.

Doors Open to the Public

 3 pm – 11 pm on Friday

10 am – 11 pm Saturday

10 am – 5 pm Sunday

Create new memories this Memorial Weekend filled with 3-days of workshops, live bands, hand-picked vendors, African drum n dance classes and performances, Belly dance classes, talking circles, yoga, Kirtan, massage, sound and energy healing, ceremonial gatherings, camping, hiking, healthy food, and new open-minded friends!



Gathering of the Tribes Festival

This year we feature the incredible drum workshop and performance of Ubaka Hill. Saturday night music headliners are The Mystical Kirtan of Mirabai Moon and Dalien 13 Hands. 

Daytime music is provided by Gaia Raga featuring Niki Arrowsmith and Andrew Dreamos, Dennis McDoNoUgh! (aka) of JUNG WOMBATS!, Kokopelli aka Arne, Tommy and Mommy, Dan Sheehan and Gareth Dylan Smith, Chelsea Palermo and Friends, Scott Pehnke and special guest Richie Olivera on native flutes!
Check out the Full Festival Schedule Here or Each Tribe’s Schedule


To start off, Bharati Carla offers Aquarian Sadhana and Kundalini Yoga for Transformation, Elena Dibiase offers Gentle Flow and Yin Yang Yoga, and Swamini Shraddhananda Saraswati offers us Satsang by the Fire – Ritual Wisdom of the Divine Mother Durga.

You can Fire up the Solar Plexus with Alexandra Marrero, Kristen McIntyre leads Kundalini Yoga, plus 

practice Tapping into the Energy Within thru Qi Gong and Tai Chi taught by Shaka Georges. Friday evening, Kirk Jones provides Sound Healing for Pain and Stress Reduction, and Lorin Oneal leads Zodiac Meditation, and brings Kundalini Yoga: Here Comes the Sun!


Go to our Q&A 

Head to the Mind-Body-Spirit-Earth-Sacred Moon workshops designed to enhance your life including Gut Health with Daniel McBride, EZ Vegan Snacks with Julia Davidson RDN, Ayurveda, and Understanding Your Body Type with Kimberly Kubicke.

For the early birds on Sunday, Alexandra Marrero opens offering Healing with Singing Bowls, Conny Jasper offers Introduction to Altered States of Consciousness, and don’t miss An Hour of Psychic Adventures! with Reverends Dhyāna and Freddie Kluth later on Sunday afternoon.

Friday evening, engage in Love Buzz Satsang – A Meditation Experience with Amara Willey and you can Create Your Own Birth Card Charm with Rhonda Alin (Fee $5-6).


Alyssa Balance presents Home Birth is an Empowered Choice, An 

Introduction to Menstruation is taught by Kseniya Yanchis 

Seraphimia, Feminine & Masculine: The Divine Balance 16+ is presented by Madame X & Herr 

Wulfsünus Elders. Stephen Hoog presents Sustainability Starts with Natural Birthing.

Learn about Sovereign Mermaid Soul Womb Speak Alchemy with Rev. 

Dhyāna Kluth. Yes, You can Write to Release with Chelsea Palermo

Reverend Freddie Kluth leads Connecting to Inner Fire, a Men’s Workshop, and Create a 

SoulCollage® with Erica Gramp.

But wait, find Abundance and Prosperity t

hru Wish Craft with Amara Willey, explore the Medicinal and Edible Plant walk with Jim Furey,

and Stephen Hoog offers Energetics of Edible Wild 

Plants. Try Forest Bathing

 with Sky Schenkel and sample the Food as Meditation 

workshop with Shawn Shakti Shae Kaze.

Attend the Solar Ceremony with Karolina 

M Honerkamp and Amara Willey, and the Sacred Cacao Share led 

by Leticia Gutievaz. And folks are Exploring Past Lives to Heal with Anita Shukla-Accardi.

Kids 👧👦 and grownups play DnD with Elves and Druidic characters with 

DnD Master V, you can Sow 🌻 Seeds and Sing Songs with Nancy Schroeck, enjoy stories and nature art 🎨 and learn about the Faeries in the Woods with AnneMarie Elaina Dralus and Star Blossom. ✨

Rodger Heckman lets kids Finish the Story and tells the Native American story of HOW Grandmother Spider 🕷️ 

Stole the Sun. Create Personalized Hand-knotted Prayer Strands with Lizbeth Rizzo ($13 

– $33 fee for materials).  Frank Hinkel reads his book, Am I Still the Ocean? and other stories.

Our featured Djembe teacher and performer, Ubaka Hill 

brings us Djembe Devotion! 

Williams Jr Clyde and Jim Dav bring you classes for djembe, dun, and bell sharing the culture of

 rhythms found in different parts of Africa on Friday and Saturday. 

On Sunday, Dana McCurdy offers whole-brain drumming followed by a facilitated drum 


On Sunday, Ayanna Gallant and Kristen 

Arant offer Drumspiration! Rhythms for Women. Friday evening, we let loose around the glowing fire with plenty of drumming and dancing with Tommy Purple Hayes, Clyde Williams Jr, and Dave Miller with Cheryl Glover from 

EarthMovers Drum Collective. We have another drum circle on Saturday after the concert ends at 

11 pm for the campers.

Come early on Friday for Jean Fedora O’Toole with an

 Evening Gratitude Movement JourneyDance®. Our weekend also 

includes West African dance with Audrey Davis-Dunning and Victor Marshall and a belly dance class Happy Shimmies (Egyptian, folkloric, and modern dance techniques) with Audie OS both on Saturday.


On Sunday, 

join Global Fusion Belly Dance (folkloric movements from North Africa, Spain, and India) with Maria Naja Richardson. All dance classes are held at the Pavilion between the Drum n Dance camp and the lower Camper Parking Lot.

Come for a day or stay the weekend.

Don’t forget to shop at the Sacred Moon Market.

We have multi-culture drum, dance, music and workshops.


World renown African Drum expert Ubaka Hill workshop & performance. African dance class with Audrey Davis Dunning. Come listen to the Mystical Kirtan of Mirabai Moon. Don’t miss Dalien 13 Hands perform.



Touch Mother Earth is a 501c3 Non-Profit that streams real content to disabled, aged &  institutions. Donate Here

Each village will have ongoing activities over the weekend and everyone can float to any of the villages and attend the workshops.
Check out the drum and song circles held around the 🔥 and on stage, dance to the live music, do yoga,, meditate on a sound healing, get a massage or hike the trails!
⛺ Choose from the onsite tents already set up on platforms or huts (each sleeps 2 – 4), or pitch your own tent in one of the villages complete with a fire circle and vendors! Camping Choices
We also have car camping and pitch your own tent tickets.
Not a camper? No problem. Folks close by can come for the day or all weekend and go home at night. But the real immersion and magic happen by staying over for the full experience. Tickets are now on sale, prices go up at the door. 
🍲 Food vendors 🥦 will be onsite or you can cook over the fire if camping. Hand-picked vendors will be set up in the villages and along the paths, so you can buy a drum, pick up some handmade soap, jewelry, tinctures, and more!

 Touch Mother Earth Gathering of the Tribes Festival

Get Your Golden Ticket by Volunteering


Full festival schedule

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