The Love Team

The Love Team: Dave Miller & Cheryl Glover were married on December of 2019, in a Aztec Amare Ceremony

Touch Mother Earth is the love child of Dave Miller & Cheryl Glover.

The Love Team co-produces all events & festivals.

Dave & Cheryl's Wedding

Dave Miller EarthMovers

Dave Miller

Producer, Creative Director, COO, Drum Facilitator

Dave has been creating festivals and events for the last 35 years.

A seasoned Drum Facilitator, Dave leads and teaches drum groups & classes. He is the creator of EarthMovers Drum Collective and a seasoned performer.

The Love Team Cheryl Glover

Cheryl Glover

Producer, CEO, Workshop Facilitator, Belly Dancer

Cheryl is a serial entrepreneur and has been facilitating Spiritual Workshops for the past 30 years. Including Reiki, QiGong, Kabbalah and other topics.

The Touch Mother Earth YouTube Channel has a large list of PlayLists: Dave & Cheryl’s Weddings, Touch Mother Earth videos, EarthMovers Drum Collective drum videos, festival videos, Dave & Cheryl’s adventures, Cat Cafe Mad. Visit and subscribe to our playlist. Dave and Cheryl also perform Laughter Drum & Dance for Senior Centers, children’s parties and general entertainment.

View our purpose and non-profit company.

Touch Mother Earth Productions is part of the Non-Profit, created and run by The Love Team.

You can find them at Touch Mother Earth Non-Profit The vision of the non-profit is:

We digitally support community well-being, education, humanities, and enhanced social interaction by providing innovative events, classes, and workshops, on multi-media platforms to the physically, psychologically, mentally, emotionally, and age challenged community.

Touch Mother Earth integrates the virtual community with physical events to accomplish cultural synergy. We produce innovative content that informs, teaches, enhances wellness, enriches cultural experience through the humanities, promotes thought leadership, expands physical and emotional awareness, encourages spiritual and psychological expression, and provides practical education of earth-oriented topics and subjects.

We bring virtual programs home to those that cannot go out. We bring the Outside “In”.

Ways you can help: We really need your help: Get Involved