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We are all home, however, soon, in a month business will be booming. Finding new customers is the goal. Consider sponsoring a program on our virtual festival. We have very simple sponsor and advertising packages:

Sponsor Type$Benefit
Platinum Sponsor$500+ Highlight as a Sponsor on all available media: website, Facebook, videos, announcements, etc. Includes this festival and the one in September’s.
Gold Sponsor$200+Spot media blitzes on this festival with second tier support. Will include website, Facebook and certain event slots.
Silver Sponsor$100+Choose two topics that support your business: Healing, Spiritual, Music, etc.
Mom & Pop Small Biz Sponsor$50+Choose one topic: Healing, Spiritual, Music, etc. that supports your business. Your ad will be focused towards getting new customers.
Contributor$5+Thank you for supporting us!  Even small amounts help.  We love you!
We are a 501c3.  You can read more at https://www.TouchMotherEarth.org

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 We appreciate all our sponsors