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Earth Education, Events, Festivals, Workshops & Love

Show us your garden! Teach us some guitar chords. Plant a tree. Bring us into your kitchen. Take us with you along a nature walk. Lead or join a reiki share. Chant. Meditate. Give us some guidance, offer a presentation, show us your talent!

This series will be ongoing using your choice of either Facebook Live, Zoom, Google Hangout, etc. Here is a free zoom download: Presenters/teachers/healers can sign up for any of the time slots over the 5 days from Wednesday, April 22nd thru Sunday, April 26th.

Most folks will be fine offering 15 – 75 minutes but some folks may opt for 2-5 hours. The calendar is set with 30 minute starting times. If a timeslot is filled, schedule one to start 30 minutes later or on a different day. You can present more than once but it is recommended that you have them on different days and at different times. Please leave slots for others to offer (ie no more than 5 timeslots per person for now).

You can send a photo to to go up on our website. We will also accept financial sponsors with a link to their business on our website.

During this coronavirus, we have learned so much about our connection with the Earth and each other. We have the ability to stay in communication and support one another during a time of crisis and it has become quite evident and important that we can organize!

Since the first Earth Day 50 years ago, we have been gathering, organizing and cleaning-up! All this has been creating a positive shift with a huge impact. Imagine even more community – a sharing of resources, abundant organic community gardens, a different reliance on the government, better preparedness for any future emergencies, the ability to entertain others virtually and in person, offer barter, and more.

And while you do it, think about how you are sharing. Perhaps you will plant a row of food in your garden for the homeless. We can groove on your music and heal. Or learn belly dancing, meditation techniques, how to speak Spanish or how to compost.. The possibilities are endless!


PARTICIPANTS COME BACK HERE PERIODICALLY TO SEE WHO IS OFFERING SESSIONS. The calendar link above is only for the presenters to schedule their classes.

DISCLAIMER: Touch Mother Earth NJ non-profit is not responsible for the content of any of the individual classes, advice or services presented. No compensation is offered. Everyone is at their own risk to participate. Please maintain social distancing and do not risk infection by gathering.

When all this is over, we are planning to host an in-person festival. Save Sept 11-13th open for a weekend with camping, live music, hiking, healthy meals and more.


Thank you from Dave Miller and Cheryl Glover.